Business Cards – Things to Remember

Even in the age of internet, when information is just a click away, business cards have not lost their importance. It is still a very easy, quick and efficient way of promotion.In this article we are going to cover how to get best out of business cards. Here we go:o Always carry them wherever you go.
o Always keep some backup in your wallet and car glove box.
o Cost per card can be kept low if you order in large quantity.
o Ensure that every possible way to contact you must be mention on your card. In case you’re difficult to locate then providing map at the back of business card would be a nice option.
o A catchy slogan or tag line depicting your past work and experience is must.
o Do take ideas from others business cards. A careful look on the others business card will help you in designing the card.
o It is advisable to use professional logo instead of standard clip art logo. A logo may cost you around 100 dollars.
o Printing URL on business card will help to improve your credibility and would help people to notice you.
o Always put latest and new information on your card. Overwriting over the old one won’t give card a Professional look. So better avoid over writing.
o Avoid using multiple fonts and colors. Using many fonts and colors will make your card look complex. Putting too much of information will also make your card look more complex and would hamper the visibility.
o Business card should reflect your business in a proper and appropriate way. The color scheme should be in according to your business. Fancy and shiny colors won’t give your card professional look unless you are in some creative business.
o Always make sure that your business card is easy to read. Dark text with light back ground would be best option. After logo of the company, your name must be largest.
o Cramming too much information on the business card will force you to use tiny fonts, which will make print impossible to read.
o Before you send your card for printing it’s advisable to proof read at least three times. It’s recommended that you ask someone to proof read.
o Post your business card wherever possible. School, libraries notice boards would be nice option.
o Back side of the business can be used for map. If your client speak some other language then this option would be really beneficial.
o Do make soft copy of your card to be used as attachment in e mails.
o Always keep your business card in good condition. Never ever present cards in poor condition to your clients.
o Always try to make card as unique as possible. It should stand out.
o If in case your mobile number is not listed on your business card then do write number at the back of the cards before handing it out. Do tell the prospects before giving out, so that nobody throws it out.