Creativity and Business – A Creative Revolution

We seem to be in a creative revolution. In business, this revolution is changing the way we bring our products and services to the public, but it is also changing the very nature of those products and services. Being online is still a revolutionary act: it goes against the general wisdom that, to get ahead, you must work for years, work your way up through the ranks and end up a junior manager of junior managers.We are entering an age when everyone, not just the genius few like Ford or Spielberg or Bill Gates, can carve out their own life and make it work and in doing so can change the face of society. We all have the tools, if we have the desire, to create something wonderful, that makes a difference on the planet and creates a life for ourselves that is worth living.With these new tools available to us for both the creation of our products and services and for the dissemination of them, we now have the responsibility to ourselves and to the planet to create something worthy of ourselves. Actually, we have always had that responsibility, but now, with so much interconnectedness, it is more obvious. It is also more obvious when we don’t take on that responsibility.Part of the creative process, in life, art and in business, is to dream. Remember that dream you had as a child? The dream of what you wanted to do, who you wanted to be? What was it? Get back in touch with that dream and let it percolate in your subconscious mind a bit, which is the very essence of being responsible for your creativity, and see what it presents you with.Also remember that dreams don’t really die. They do sometimes go into hibernation when we don’t pay attention to them. It is time to let the hibernation of your dreams come to an end. Let the dreams percolate back to our conscious minds. Once they are there, let the creative process take over and suggest ways to turn those dreams into something practical that will benefit your clients and customers and will enhance your way of life.When you align with your dreams, and your dreams align with what we used to call the greater good, you open the possibility of creating a powerful shift. Dream big and create that shift.